Our cozy restaurant is located on King Street East in the heart of Hamilton's Midtown area, part of a welcoming hub beside Vintage Coffee Roasters, The Capitol Bar, and Maya Retreat Salon and Spa. The perfect spot for a casual date night or a lunch with friends. 


Vibez Caribbean & Southern Grill is the culmination of a lifetime of culinary immersion from Head Chef Yvette Webber. Growing up in Kingston, Jamaica, Yvette’s mom was the favourite cook in her area, and her legendary soup brought friends from the church and community to their home to dine and celebrate regularly. Her father was a butcher, and they raised their own chickens, goats and cows. They planted and harvested their own vegetables, like potatoes, scallions, ackee, provisions, and plantains. They sold their wares in their own small supermarket.

As a young teenager, Yvette was drawn to food and began helping in all aspects of the family enterprise. She loved baking and helping to feed the customers who would come from all over the city. At 27 years old she opened her own restaurant, Leila, offering delicious meals for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, like ackee and saltfish, curry chicken, and dumplings and pastries.

When Yvette moved to Canada, she had to start over again, but she stayed connected to food. She worked as a baker for Walmart, along with other part time jobs, and saved every penny for 3 years to be able to open a restaurant here - Vibez Caribbean & Southern Grill. She was overjoyed when her daughter Kristan decided to join and support the new endeavour. Kristan has a background in fashion design, retail, and merchandising. Her special touch can be felt when you step into the restaurant and immerse yourself in the Caribbean decor, music, and back home feel.



Vibez is a Caribbean restaurant with a special twist - you'll find an extensive menu of Southern comfort food. Chef Yvette wanted to do something unique with her ever evolving menu, and the hearty taste of Southern cooking is a perfect compliment to authentic Caribbean flavour.